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The Tower and The Fool: XIII

Is it colorful? No. Is the packaging absolutely life changing? Not exactly. Are both songs fantastic examples of heart wrenching folk rock? Definitely. Both of these ended up reworked or renamed for the band’s debut LP, but you can check out these versions here:

Transit: For Future Reference

With the B side of this one (“Forgive Forget Space”) we get to hear a more delicate side to Transit that I didn’t even know existed, despite the acoustic Something Left Behind. It came with a pre-order bundle for Listen & Forgive, but I’m sure you can find a “free” download easily enough.

The Clippers: An Evening With…

This is one classy EP. I mean, just look at the cover! Not to mention how hypnotizing it is to watch the green marble spinning on the turn table. These guys have a sound that’s perfect for vinyl, and perfect for getting ready to in the morning. You can listen for yourself:

Allison Weiss: I Was An Island EP

Few artists are as tuned into what their fans want as Allison Weiss, but she knew very well that her music needed to be pressed, and so it seems she went all out. Everything from the liner notes to the firm cover is well done, but all packaging aside, it sounds just right. She sounds like this:


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