Gates to release new album ‘Bloom & Breathe’ Oct 21 on Pure Noise Records
Womit Angel to release sophomore album ‘Holy Goatse’ Oct.3 on Inverse Records
The Choice release new single from upcoming debut album ‘Daddy’
Third Man Records presents: Olivia Jean ‘Bathtub Love Killings’
Female pop vocalist Darian Renee announces Sept.23 release of ‘The Other Side Of Someday’ EP
This Legend announce Fall headline tour


Nirvana | The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie Cover)

Reblog if you actually give a shit about anyone who’s suicidal or depressed.


no one should scroll past this

If anyone looks at this and doesn’t reblog it then there’s something seriously wrong here…

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Of Mice & Men-12 by Gwendolyn Lee on Flickr.

The Amity Affliction by on Flickr.